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Saturday: This year Diabetes Art moves up from the Wildcard choices as we all channel our creativity with art in the broadest sense. Do some “traditional” art like drawing, painting, collage or any other craft you enjoy. Or look to the literary arts and perhaps write a d-poem or share and discuss a favorite quote. Groove to some musical arts by sharing a song that inspires you diabetes-wise, reworking some song lyrics with a d-twist, or even writing your own song. Don’t forget dramatic arts too, perhaps you can create a diabetes reality show or play. These are just a starting point today – there are no right or wrong ways to get creative!

Pod Art by Annelies

I have tried to discuss this with your customer care representatives, but apparently they are just as clueless about this transition as me, your customer. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, let me share a brief backstory.

Knowing that my daughter’s pump warranty expired in the Fall I tasked her to start researching the next pump she wanted. I had decided to allow her to do this because what feature might be important to me might not be for her. She is the one who wears it 24/7. She poured over the mailed literature, she explored the websites and she finally decided on the Omnipod.

So I asked her, what makes that one better than the others.

“No more tubes.”

Tubing had never seemed an issue before but about ready to enter Junior High, it was an issue now.

What else could I say to my daughter who is on the cusp of adolescence but ok?

So I filed away her choice and was ready to wait until our warranty expiration.

But then your Sales Rep called to follow up on our inquiry. So I told him we had to wait until September.

And he told me about your Cut the Cord Rebate.

And that if we were to switch over, we would be automatically upgraded to new system as soon as it came out.

And I believed him. Boy am I a sucker.

Why I am irritated

I actually think I’m tip toeing into the anger department.

We decided to pay that $149 on a promised from a representative from your company. And it was a lie.

$149 that we didn’t have to spend. We’re pretty lucky, we have 100% DME. Had we waited just a few more months, we would have had no out of pocket expense.

But we paid it, to be first to get our hands on the new technology. Reserve our spot.

Because we were told that was how it was going to work.

Of course, had we made the switch in September, we’d still be on the list.

But that $149 would still me mine.

And do you know what really chaps me?

You are still lying to your customers.

Look here, remember this? It is on page 2 of the Patient Information Form we filled out.

Do you see #12? The one that says “Have your communication needs met.”

You told me that this was my right as a customer. It certainly is not happening.

When you updated your website, you stated you expected to begin shipping late February to end of March.

Don’t worry you assured me.

Come April, nothing. So I inquired and your customer care can’t figure out where I’m getting my information.

Well, at the website. Apparently you’re not telling them anything either.

So I sent an email inquiry. It was ignored.

But you finally updated your website on 8 April.

Now it’s “over the next few months” to transition. I guess you got tired of the irritated customers.

I’ve been patiently waiting and here we are due for an order.

It must be time for our transition. After all, you’ve told me not to worry, I’ll receive plenty of notice.

But I haven’t, so I call, because maybe I’ve slipped through the cracks.

Now I’m told they think it will happen in about 6 months. You realize this will put us to almost the year point from the big FDA approved it announcement.

Can we please just get a truthful answer?

After all, you told me, that is our right.

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