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Across my news feeds I saw a blurb the President Obama had signed into law the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act

Doing a little digging within the law it:

Requires elementary and secondary schools in such a state to: (1) permit trained personnel to administer epinephrine to a student reasonably believed to be having such a reaction, (2) maintain a supply of epinephrine in a secure location that is easily accessible to trained personnel for such treatment, and (3) have in place a plan for having on the school premises during operating hours one or more designated personnel trained in administration of epinephrine.

This is the way it should be… it should not be left up to the individual states to determine whether or not a child has access to lifesaving emergency intervention.

And as wonderful as I think this is and I as happy I am for the families who have this worry for their children… why only the Epipen?

Why not include other lifesaving emergency intervention for all students?

I do understand it was not their battle, but…

Why is this not also being done for Glucagon?

Well done to FARE and their advocates for their tireless work to make this a reality.

I hope the American Diabetes Association and JDRF will follow suit of your great example.

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