I had intended to let the day pass by…the month for that matter

Years ago, I took a step back from everything and just concentrated on our day to day in the diabetes life. I was afraid that my actions might lead to her only being identified by diabetes. So I made the conscious choice to concentrate on her as a whole and not her disease.

Because she is so much more than her non-functioning pancreas.

And she is amazing.

In all honesty, I sometimes feel guilty that I’m not doing my part by choosing to participate in Diabetes Awareness Month or World Diabetes Day or fundraising for a cure. But then I remind myself of the reasons I did step back and I see my happy child continuing on with life as if it is hers to conquer. And once again, I’m ok with my decision.

But this year, she decided she wanted to mark the day. She took the initiative to coordinate and, with the support of her school staff, encourage her school mates to also wear blue. Because it’s about more than her and she told that in her commercial… many know someone with diabetes…many love someone with diabetes. Type doesn’t matter, it’s all hard work and support can be shown in even by the simple act of wearing blue today.

But if you choose not to mark the day or month, that’s ok too. It doesn’t make you any less an advocate and it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Diabetes is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year after year. Occasions to make a difference come up often in our lives. Educating and/or fighting the schools pave the way for future children who will enter that building or reaching out to a family who has just received a new dx and helping them not feel as alone as they enter this life. Even doing nothing and continuing on with your life and not making diabetes the focus makes a difference.

No matter if you choose to participate or not, do what is best for you and yours.

Today we decorate their hands and we will wear blue. Because it’s what she wants. I have no idea what we’ll do next November. I do know whatever will happen will be a result of taking her lead and letting her pave the way.