Will She Get Better? Soccer mom asked at our recent game.

But, I didn’t find myself getting upset at the ignorance. She was sincere and I could hear the hope in her voice.

“No,” I answered, “it will never go away. But we get better at it.”

The mom between us just nodded her head in understanding.

She replied that she knew it wasn’t the same as the kind her dad has, but she was hopeful.

And she asked about her devices.

And she listened attentively.

And then we went back to the cheering on our girls in the game.


I understand the knee jerk reaction in responding to ignorance.

Especially when they are accusatory.

Those especially sting, because I know that even I searched for a reason in the beginning.

I wanted to know why and 5+ years later, I still don’t have that answer.

But I think it is important to remember to not go on the defensive anytime someone asks a question.

It gets old, I know.

But take a breath and evaluate the motive. Think about your answer and how you will deliver it.

Not everyone is going to blame you.

And the ones who do. Deliver with a little snark.