We are a news watching family. Every morning, it is on as we get ready for the day. When tragedy strikes, we do limit the ongoing coverage. That can be too much for even an adult.

After all as a parent, it is my job to protect my children.

Upon diagnosis, as we learned the harsh realities of “complications” we tried our best to hide the scary part of diabetes from her.

Excuses of age appropriateness etc. justified it for us.


We learned that she knew so much more than we had shared with her.

She didn’t need to be told, she made the connection of the necessity of always carrying the Glucagon and the importance of her MedicAlert bracelet.

At age 6, not too long after her diagnosis, she proudly showed me this drawing.

It broke my heart.

In my hands was not another mermaid, puppy, or rainbow picture.

It was proof of her awareness of her mortality and the role diabetes played in that.

It was proof that I couldn’t turn it off and make it go away.

It was proof that I can’t just kiss it, put a Band-Aid on it to make it better.

It was proof that no matter my best efforts, I couldn’t protect her.

It still breaks my heart, but I keep it to remind me that our kids are so much smarter than we give them credit.