Part 3. (Part 1 and Part 2, if you missed them.)

These two themes have come up frequently in the comments to justify why the commenter is not signing the petition.

“Over Emotional/Protective Mothers” signing because of “feelings”

So the signers (“primarily” mom’s of children with diabetes) are making the decision to do so based on emotions. They are not thinking logically.

I’ve also seen it alleged that the mothers who created the petition.  It was an emotional response due to frustration that the medical field and societal assumptions they face having a child with diabetes.

Way to make blanket stigmatic statements.

Yes, I’m a mother. And yes, I’ve been known to be a little sharp with my tongue on a few occasions. I probably could have been crowned the title of Psycho-Mom on said occasions.  But…

Do not say that because I am the mother of a child with diabetes, I let emotions rule my decisions.

I am a constant and continuous thinker.

My thoughts moves in speeds I am unable to keep up with most days. At times, I am unable to shut down those thoughts at night. I research as much as I can before I make large decisions. When I ask questions and as they’re being answered, I am already formulating follow on questions based on responses.

I am a planner.

I am happiest when I know what to expect and what is expected of me. When we traveled through Europe (huge perk of being stationed in Germany), at an arm’s reach was my trusty binder. I knew where we were going to stay, the routes we were taking, hours and admission for our stops. This does not mean I did/do not allow for spontaneity.  Random stops, discoveries and explorations along the way sometimes make for the best experiences.  But I work best when I am working towards a direction. When diabetes entered our lives, I was faced with an adversary that I could not compartmentalize into a binder. I sure did try though.

I can’t speak for the other signers, but to indicate that because I am a mother of a child with diabetes and I made my decision to support this petition based on my emotions is offensive.

Don’t we live with enough prejudice and stigma just being connected to diabetes?

Waste of time

We can’t change what society thinks.

Why not? It’s been done before. Many times.

For this.
And this.
And this.
This too.

Society is malleable. Society changes. Society needs direction to do so.

You might think it is a waste of your time. That’s fine, but do not belittle others who do not agree with you.