Currently as I type this our oldest boy is just about a stone’s throw away, behind those gates, turning into a Navy Sailor. To say we are proud is an understatement.

The decal on our windshield allows us onto many military installations. This is not one of them. Like all families, when we attend his PIR (Pass in Review/Boot Camp Graduation), we will have to obtain a special pass and we will have to know the password he established in order to gain access.

When we joined the diabetes community, I felt I was entering a foreign country. Words like Bolus, Basal, and Glucagon were foreign to me. It’s like a secret language for those in the know. Now, I can babble fluently and I have to remind myself to stop and explain when someone else is new to our world.

I am now learning a new language. Navy.

I am a member of a Facebook group created to help those who are transitioning into the Navy Family life as their Sailor Recruit (SR) is at boot camp behind those gates. These groups are a wonderful tool run by volunteers who have ‘been there and done that,’ who recognize that there are family members and friends who need a connection, information, emotional support, others to cheer them along in the journey or to say ‘yeah me too.’ Sounds like the Diabetes Community, doesn’t it?

Today I saw a file was added entitled “Blue Candle.”

My heart stopped. I did a double check to see which group I had clicked. Yes, it was the Navy PIR group.


Because in my mental handbook for Diabetes, a blue candle represents an unexplained death defined as Dead in Bed Syndrome. It represents sadness of a life lost, the reality of this very real “complication” of diabetes and unity and solidarity as a community wraps its virtual arms around the family left wondering why. It also serves as a beacon lighting the way for education for anyone who might ask, ‘what’s the blue candle mean?’

Today I learned that there is another meaning. One that also serves a reminder.

This is a Navy tradition started by moms to remember and honor the service of Sailors, Recruits and the all other military branches. Those that are missing birthdays, holidays and time with their families. Not only by temporary separation, (like deployment) but also the ones who will never come home. The ultimate sacrifice for the service of our country.

My worlds collided. And then I got curious and wondered if there was a meaning to the blue. I had always assumed blue was to represent the Blue Circle. And I know the Navy color is blue. But is there something deeper?

So I googled and discovered many New Age type resources that discussed the meaning of candle colors. And I learned that blue predominantly represents peace.

Which is exactly what I wish anytime a blue candle is lit.