Part 2 regarding my thoughts on the Petition to Revise the Names of Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes.

There has been opposition to this petition and many points have been made as to why the person has chosen not to sign it. If I were to address all of them this would turn into a novel. I think the best way for me to address these is to break it up into individual posts. (If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.)

I’d like to address the argument that this petition encourages a divide within the Diabetes Community.
I remember the Diabetes Civil War. It was not pretty and feelings were hurt.
I’ve read the comments left on the petition. Some of those comments even make me wince because they are not pretty and, intentional or not, they hurt feelings.

This petition is not about which form of diabetes is worse.

This petition is not about which form deserves blame or sympathy.

This petition is not saying that one form of diabetes deserves more attention than the other.

Truth is.

All forms of diabetes suck.

No matter your diabetes classification, finger pointing and blame is wrong.

Diabetes collectively deserves attention.

No matter the type listed before the word diabetes. All belong to the same family and all share traits.

To paraphrase the Expert Committee:

All forms of diabetes are metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia.

It doesn’t matter if your body no longer makes insulin or it doesn’t correctly process insulin. It is still is diabetes.

All forms of diabetes are at risk for long-term damage or failure, “especially the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and blood vessels.”

All forms of diabetes suck. No argument from me.

We Are Family

I don’t understand the claim that this petition fuels the divide.

The previous petitions used the false claim that the types are different diseases and called for separation. Yes, those petitions fueled the divide. And they were and are hurtful, hateful, and just plain wrong. Historically, I can understand the guardedness and the need to protect this wonderful supportive community and to make sure that, no matter your “type” all are welcomed and supportive. I get that the petitions of the past tried to chip away at the cohesiveness of our community.


The current petition recognizes that all forms of diabetes belong to the same family. That each type is a sibling to the other, just please change our first name because we deserve better than a number.

We deserve clarity.